Lab News

June 2018 - Sara's paper on ovarian cancer metastasis has been published in Oncogene.

April 2018 - Ruba has won the Marilyn Wener Award of Excellence - Way to go Ruba!

- Congrats to Joseph for completing his MSc. RI meets AI.


October 2017 - BYM (Mouchard/Yamanaka/McCaffrey) joint lab retreat.


September 2017 - Welcome to the lab Aislynn and Rebecca - our newest graduate students.


November 2016 - Congratulations to Sara on graduating with her MSc.


September 2016 - Welcome Virginie, our new postdoc!

                          - Welcome to the lab Christina!

                         - BYM (Bouchard/Yamanaka/McCaffrey) joint lab retreat.


May 2016 - Sara's awesome image "Mosaic Cancer" was selected as a finalist in the NSERC Science Exposed competition.


May 2016 - Congratulations to Maia on passing her Comprehensive Oral Examination

                - Ruba inspires the next generation of young scientists:

January 2016 - Happy New Year!

November 2015 - Congratulations Maia on winning the Michael D'Avirro Fellowship!

October 2015 - New publication (and cover): Atypical protein kinase C induces cell transformation by disrupting Hippo/Yap signaling.


September 2015 - 2nd annual joint lab retreat with the Yamanaka and Bouchard labs.

April 2015 - We were awarded a grant from the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.


March 2015 - Andrew completes his MSc degree. Congratulations Andrew!!


January 2015 - Welcome to the lab Li-Ting!

December 2015


November 2014 - Daya starts his Postdoc. Welcome, and good luck!

October 2014 - Joint lab retreat with Yamanaka and Bouchard labs.


September 2014 - We're happy to have Maia join the lab.

January 2014 - Sudipas review is published.

December 2013 - Congratulations Carlis for winning a MICRTP fellowship.

November 2013 - Ruba wins a Canderel PhD studentship. Way to go!

September 2013 - Terry Fox run/walk.

Carlis, Ruba, Andrew, and Sudipa at the Terry Fox run.


May 2013 - We are pleased to have Sara join the lab.

April 2013 - Carlis starts her postdoc. Welcome, and good luck!

December 2012 - Ruba wins a MICRTP MSc studentship. Congrats!

November 2012 - New publication: Loss of the Par3 polarity protein promotes breast cancer tumourigenesis and metastasis. Publised in Cancer Cell.

June 2012 - Welcome to the lab Ruba.

May 2012 - We welcome Alyson and Sudipa to the lab.